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Comfort Food Max: Here Are My Favourite Home Kitchens To Order From In Town!

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The safest way to be right now is tucked within the comfort of your home. Not just for you and the family, but for everyone around. Sure, it’s not an easy thing to do, but it’s a necessary step if we are to beat a pandemic that has really done a number on us all. One of the simplest ways I have found to deal with being home all the time, is to take a break from the kitchen and order in from someone else’s. Home kitchens have really brought the best of Indian and International cuisines to our tables. I have tried several of them, and dependable favourites I keep going back to. Anything that comes out of Gautam Krishnankutty's kitchen for example, is worth playing fastest finger first. The same with Curly Sue and their pork based dishes – quite a few of which can be frozen and kept for those days you want to give yourself a cooking break. Besides these, five home kitchens have my vote.

Kashmir - The Supper Club By Zafran

What I love about Neetu, who runs this lovely Kashmiri kitchen, is the tidbits of information she shares on her Whatsapp group with her customers. You will come to know so much about the culinary history and culture of Kashmir through her. Her food is top-notch, made with ingredients that come in from Kashmir and her eco-friendly packaging is another brilliant plus. Try out her lamb roganjosh, chok wangun – roasted aubergine dip and saffron phirni.

Contact: Request to get onto her WhatsApp group.

For more Kashmiri delicacies that you Bengalureans can devour, check out Wullar Kitchen.

Kerala – Travancore Tasties

Some great Syrian Christian Kerala style food comes from the Tresa’s Kitchen. Think some delicious beef cutlets which are quite the signature (you get them in chicken and fish too), Chicken Ullarthu, Pork and Kaya, made with raw bananas, a classic Thattukada Chicken fry and do check with Tresa on her biryanis. 

Read LBB's Article on Travancore Tasties here.

Northeast – Shimfood

When it comes to food from the Northeast, Bikash is like a go to guy. It’s completely no-nonsense, with robust flavours. Top picks for me are the Darjeeling pork with mustard greens and the Naga Chilli infused pork chops which come with a helping of mustard greens. And for me, the tomato garlic chutney with King Chilli is a must have. 

If you want more of the spicy, flavourful northeastern flavours, try these places.

Bohri – The Bohra Bohra Thaal

When things do finally get back to normal, one of the things I want to do is make a booking with Rehana and Arpit for a thaal. Nothing like a community style meal with people who bond over food. Till then, to satisfy a craving for Bohri style food, this is a kitchen I would order from. Their Mutton Nihari has some amazing depth, paired with sheermal. The Chicken Sheekh Biryani is a great choice – moist and flavorful. And to round it off, some doodhi halwa

Here's more info on a cafe run by the same folks.

Small Batch Products from Coorg -- Cicaada Valley

Cicaada Valley

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Thashvin Muckatira and his wife Tina helm this venture. It’s not a home kitchen but instead gives you a great choice of staples that any home kitchen will always want on hand. All of these small batch products are made from produce off their estates in Coorg. Their Ginger and Turmeric Root pickle I have just managed to polish clean. Their Dry Pork Pickle and the Pork Chilli oil are must haves for your pantry. And what I currently am going to try and get my hands on is the Wild Lemon and Green Pepper Corn Pickle. 

Contact: Message on Instagram

To satisfy them pandi cravings, here is a list of places that whip up some mouth watering Coorgi specialties. Call them to order.