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Makeup Artist Sabrina Suhail Tried 5 Runway Trends On Us, And Here's Our Verdict

Chandni posted on 20 October

Most of us come to work without make-up on a daily basis. On a good day, a couple of people show up wearing mascara or a bright lip, but mostly we’re comfortable the way we are — we’re lazy, and we love being hobos. And some of us are not even entirely sure of the right way to apply things on our face. When Sabrina Suhail invited us over to try some make-up trends {read those spotted on celebrities or those seen on the runway}, we decided to take up the challenge of trying out some of these OTT looks. And while she used pro makeup products on us, we’re helping you get the same looks from over-the-counter stuff. With our new-found collection, we also learnt a thing or two about application and we intend to keep at it, till we nail the hell out of it. Most of all, it was a blast! Here’s what our experience looks like.

Hooded Eyeliner aka The Fox Eye

As Seen On: Jennifer Lawrence

How to do it: Ever drawn triangles in school? Well now is good time to bring that geometry lesson back into use. The trend  also known as the graphic eyeliner} involves drawing a cat eye, but with a triangle at the end. And non shaky hands of course. Sabrina added a bit of gold dust and glitter to turn this into a glam evening look. Plus, some serious false eyelashes!

Yay Or Nay?: I liked the look, but didn’t care much for the lashes. It works well for office {without the glitter overdose of course} or a night out as it’s not too dramatic but is slightly different from a usual boring eyeliner. Just that bit edgy — Aakanksha Singh Devi, Deputy Editor.

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Aquamarine Eyes

As Seen On: Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner

How To Do It: Statement eyes, FTW! You need to decide on what colours you want and what will go with your ski tone. Mix and match, go crazy if you like. Layer up and merge until you’re satisfied. Sabrina went with aquamarine colour tones {matte and not shiny} with blues, greens and yellows and lined the inner eye with kohl. Plus, mascara.

Yay Or Nay?: Although not a fan of makeup, this was actually fun. The funky green and yellow eye shadow came as a pleasant surprise {considering how I love bright colours} with the dark eye makeup nicely highlighting them. While I probably wouldn’t want to try this out on a daily basis {definitely not to work}, I’d love doing this again for a fun night out when I’m feeling particularly adventurous — Roshni Jacob, Features Writer

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Glitter Lips

As Seen On: Lady Gaga’s been all over the place with glitter lips, and so one of us had to try this one out.

How To Do It:  A mix of dark purple lipstick and kohl was used to create the effect, and the lips were topped off with blue glitter.

Yay Or Nay?: I already knew I was going to love this, and I did! While showing my teeth and smiling made me look kinda scary, it’s still something I’m definitely trying out again. I wish I could wear it to work, but since that can’t happen, a gig or maybe even Halloween? The right amount of strobing lit my face up, although people with textured skin should stay away from this technique.  — Chandni Doulatramani, Senior Features Writer

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The Coloured Mascara

As Seen On: Cara Delevigne

How To Do It: Ditch the usual black mascara and instead work them colour — on your lashes. It changes the entire look, and it doesn’t look OTT. Green, blue or bronze — they all work for that fun, quirky look. The application is as simple as a regular mascara, just do several coats to make your lashes pop.

Yay Or Nay?: I think it’s something anybody can pull off on a regular day. It stands out and can be used when you don’t want to use anything else on your face. I would love to use it often and have already ordered a blue mascara! — Kanika Rana, Sales Executive

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Smoky Eyes

As Seen On: Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor

How To Do It: Really popular with our very own Bollywood divas, this one is a timeless trend, and gives that wee bit of edge to your regular makeup, especially when you are stepping out at night. Just smudge your kohl with a sponge and you’re sorted. Sabrina added a little bit of glittery purple dust on the eyelids to take the look up a notch.

Yay Or Nay?: I liked the purple shimmer that she added to my smokey eyes. The fake lashes took a little while to get used to, and I didn’t think it was required for this look. I would probably try this on a Saturday night, definitely not something for everyday. Although I must say this might go into racoon territory if done wrong — Architha JB, City Manager.

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