No Cook Weekdays: You've Gotta Order The Delish Salads From This Jubilee Hills Outlet

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What Makes It Awesome

Mexican Grill Subs' cost-effective subs, salads and other eating options served with healthy sauces and the best. They're also very generous with the amount of meat they put in the salads, which is quite impressive.

What Could Be Better?

The seating arrangement here can certainly get better, and they could introduce a few health drinks instead of colas to make it a perfect healthy meal {we're thinking a sub, nutritious drink and few dips in one such combo}.

What's My Pro Tip?

Go for the tuna salad and don't forget to try their grilled chicken salad too.

Anything Else?

Their prices are almost half compared to the regular Subway outlets and this place is a complete value for money option considering the quality on offer in comparison to the prices charged.