Make Sali Par Eedu For Breakfast With This Easy Recipe Using Potato Flakes

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Potato Flakes - Pack of 4

Potato Flakes - Pack of 4


What Makes It Awesome

A go-to snack brand of late, Omay Foods' snacks are what I constantly binge eat while working or watching something on Netflix. Their Potato Flakes are my favourite and I have ordered them at least five times already -- mostly because I end up finishing the entire can in one go. You get a pack of four if you are buying it on LBB. What I like is that it's guilt-free snacking -- these potato flakes are dehydrated and then roasted in some masala and rock salt to give it a nice and crunchy finish. 

Of course, I realised that more than just an easy snack, I can also use it to make Sali Par Eedu (check out the video above), a classic Parsi dish. You can use this to also make aloo chaat and potato flakes salad too.