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Get Beach Ready With A Bikini Wax From These Salons In Bangalore

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Calling all women! Summer’s here and you know what that means. It’s time to take out all your beachwear and get beach ready to soak in all that Vitamin D and get that lovely summer tan. And while everybody is beautiful, sometimes we just feel like getting rid of all your body hair (even in places you might not imagine) just because it feels so nice and smooth. Check out the places in town that will help achieve that soft, smooth, extra touchable skin...everywhere.

Glam Studios

Glam Studios in Marathahalli is a salon that has different packages for bikini waxing. If you’re looking for something basic, check out their normal waxing for INR 700. If you want to indulge and feel special, try their chocolate and gold packages for INR 1,100.

Looks Salon

Looks Salon in Indiranagar is another parlour that does a great job with bikini waxing. Costing INR 2,000 plus taxes, the women here treat your body with great care and make sure that you get waxed with minimum pain.

B'Bob Salon

B’Bob Salon in Sahakarnagar is another place to get bikini waxing done. Charging INR 1,400 for it, they also apply oil and massage the skin for a bit to make sure the pain reduces. They also have a combo for full body waxing if you want to go all the way and be fully hair-free when you hit the beach.

Bodycraft Salon

For those of with sensitive skin, head to Bodycraft. With three different packages, choose what is best suited to your body. The normal bikini waxing starts at INR 1,200, the Brazilian waxing starts at INR 1,500. They do the bikini line waxing starting at INR 350. Try the peel off wax for INR 2,500 plus taxes that doesn’t involve a strip and also helps to prevent ingrowth of hair.

Vurve Salon

If you just want a basic bikini line wax, Vurve Salon charges you INR 600. The full Brazilian waxing costs INR 2,000 plus taxes. They have two packages --- one is the normal strip waxing while the second one is depli waxing which is more hygienic and painless so if you’re trying it for the first time, we suggest going for the latter.