Forget Aloo And Load Up On Cheese, Chicken, Kheema And Paneer Samosas With Chai From This Delivery Service

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Ain’t no party like a samosa party! Literally. The Samosa Party is doing good on that motto by doling out piping hot samosas! No, not the usual, blah aloo versions. The samosas at the Samosa Party come stuffed with everything from paneer to spicy chicken. They even have spicy Punjabi and Chinese versions. But my top favourite, after sampling pretty much, each option possible is the Corn & Cheese for the vegetarians and the Chicken & Cheese for the non-vegetarians. The latter is a creamy, almost white sauce style samosa, and honestly, it's my favourite samosa of all time! My samosa-loving family too enjoyed it as it broke the monotony of chatpat street food, and gave this a bit of a western touch. Great option at a tea party, if the rest of your meal is Indian-style, only. The Andhra chicken was spicy, but didn’t really gather much support. Especially compared to the Barbecue Chicken which we really enjoyed. Oh, and obviously, the flask of Lemon & Ginger Chai made it absolutely perfect. Luckily, it was a rainy day in Bangalore too, so the combination was perfect. They also have just ginger, plain chai, caradmon chai and sugarless options too. 

    Back to samosas! I also quite like the egg (Anda-Funda) and a Pickley Paneer version too, though these must be had immediately when hot or they dry up. When I want to indulge then the classic Mutton Kheema samosas is my pick!

    Want to make a full blown meal out of your snack? Then just order their samosa platters, available in vegetarian and non vegetarian versions. Those looking to order breakfast, pick from Vada Pav, Bun Omelette and Chole Tikki, among others. 


    They also have a website, but currently, they'd functioning on Swiggy and Zomato only. 
      Available Online