Do Try These Samosas With A Twist

What Makes It Awesome?

Samosa Singh is a new and cool venture started by Bangalore techies and it's really doing well and has really good and innovative twists in their Samosa and chats. You can get it delivered at your home too. I tried a few of their Samosa like, * Aloo masala * Veggie spice * Kadai paneer * Masala corn All these sounds innovative right. Trust me, they are amazing too. And they also have Kachoris. So kachori lovers don't be sad . The chats are cool and have the local flavour and worth trying. And have you heard Chocolate samosas anywhere? Yeah, they also have chocolate samosas and it's named as Chicossa. It’s ok to pamper that kid inside all of us. Of reminiscing some tastes that we all grew up with. The decadent joy of biting into a chocolate samosas Chocossa: You have 5 flavours to chose from or you can also try the family pack in that which has 2 of each flavour in one single pack Priced at 300 / box. Gift yourself or someone Special The 5 different flavours in this pack. 1. Caramel 2. Double chocolate 3. Coffee (My Personal Favourite) 4. Zesty Orange 5. Peanut butter They are healthy too as they bake the samosas instead of frying