Must Eat

The semi cooked red pumpkin curry, Olan {white pumpkin and cow peas in coconut milk}, sweet Puttu {Kerala steamed rice cake}.

Must Drink 

Cashew nut milk shot

What we loved

The Sanjeevanam restaurant buffet follows the ayurveda way of cooking. They don’t use tamarind or red chillies in their ingredients. Their appetisers are five kinds of shot drinks such as cashew nut milk, juice made of dates and more. This is followed by uncooked {raw} dishes consisting of sweet Puttu and salad. Semi cooked dishes are red pumpkin curry, banana stem in yogurt, white pumpkin in coconut milk. The main course consists of unpolished red rice, white rice, dal, sambar, Morkurambu (curry made with curd, coconut and a vegetable). Visually, it is difficult to make out the difference between sambaar and dal as there is no red chilli powder used to differentiate the two. A dry vegetable dish with grated coconut, usually banana flower, beetroot, beans etc is also served. A lunch meal at Sanjeevanam feels very light on the tummy, just like a detox experience.

What didn’t impress us

The most part of the buffet menu is the same always so if you are looking for variety, this is not your place.


Follow their instructions and start from their uncooked to semi cooked to fully cooked main course. Don’t mix it up or you miss on the experience.

Where: Sanjeevanam Restaurant, No 50, 100 Feet Road, opposite Kendriya Sadan, Koramangala Block 2B

When: 12:30pm–3:30pm

Contact: 080 25631962

Price: INR 380 + tax (lunch buffet)

Featured image via: Zomato