Satiate All Your Sweet Cravings At This Cute Little Ice Cream Place

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What Makes It Awesome?

With a wide range of top-quality ice creams, Iceberg creates sumptuous treats for each of its customers. Their wide array of flavours and the unlimited choices for toppings are the main attraction and is what makes customers crave for more and more. They not only serve ice-cream but also serve waffles, thick shakes, coolers and ice teas. And it's real ice-cream, not the frozen stuff.

Special mention to the ambience. Loved the decor and the cute seating arrangements, especially the swing which makes you go back to childhood when you could sit carefreely and eat ice cream without bothering about putting on weight 😜

I tried the following:
* Gourmet Coffee 5/5 - Woody cappuccino ice cream with dark chocolate chips and chocolate sauce makes for a delightful combo. I loved their coffee ice cream. The perfect amount of coffee and the after taste was 3/10 on the sweetness meter which is exactly how I like my ice-cream.
* After the Party 5/5 - I can never say no to rum-infused ice cream. And this one was even better as it was rum and raisin ice cream with Bounty chocolate miniatures and butterscotch nuts.
* Big Baboool 4/5 - too sweet for my taste but then it's a kid special and definitely tastes like bubblegum. Loved the gum jellies and gems on top though.
* Passion fruit ice tea 4/5 - a refreshing ice tea to clean your palette between ice creams.

All in all a great place to satiate your pre or post-meal dessert cravings.

How Much Did It Cost?

β‚Ή500 - β‚Ή1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids.