#saveearth With Something As Simple & Small As Hugging A Tree With Thunderpod!


What Makes This Awesome?

Hi there! Wondering how you can do your bit for the planet with just a minute to spare? We’ve got some great news for you. An AI based fitness app called Thuderpod has introduced a ‘Hug A Tree Challenge’. Any user can click a picture of themselves while hugging a tree and upload it on the app. What this does for you and the planet is that the Thunderpod AI detects the picture, and the Thunderpod team goes ahead and plants a tree on your behalf, contributing to the #saveearth initiative. 

The challenge was created keeping in mind the Amazon Bushfire and the impact of it on our planet. What’s great about this is also that Lucinda Nicholas, Miss World South Australia has collaborated with Thunderpod. Through challenges like this the app has seen over 3 lakh challenges over 3 months, which means over 3 lakh trees have been planted because of people like you and I, all through a few simple steps. 

So, round up your squad guys, step outside, hug a few trees, take a bunch of pictures, upload it on the app, and by simple steps like this, you could make a huge difference!


Do your part for the planet peeps, create a chain reaction and ask your friends to participate in the challenge. These simple steps could do our planet a world of good! So, go for it!