Sulaimani And Onion Samosas Make A Delicious Combo At This Iconic Tea House In Shivajinagar

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Decades-old, Savera is a legend among tea houses in Bangalore. Their honey-hued Sulaimani paired with crispy, oil-soaked samosas make for happy tea times.

House Of Tea

For as long as we can remember, Savera has stood in that same spot next to the beef market in Shivajinagar. It’s blue exteriors sporting a large board announcing its now legendary name. In fact, so popular is the tea house that it has spawned countless duplicates around the city {some of them are in the same lane}. For years, Savera has been the meeting and resting point for countless customers — most of them working class men.

If you are in the vicinity looking for a refreshing cup of chai or want to get your groove back after belting plates of biryani at the stalls close by, stop by Savera. The interiors are crumbling at best. If you are someone who cares a lot about interiors this surely isn’t the place for you.

Sips Of Sweet

Once in, you’ll be shown to the nearest empty table and they’ll ask what you need. The answer to that should always be the Sulaimani. They serve it hot and bits of fresh mint floating in it. It’s just got the right amount of sweetness to it and perks you up instantly.

With this, order up the samosas {ask for the fresh ones instead of the ones at the bill counter}. These are the Irani-type samosas that are deep-fried to crisp. Needless to say, the edges {like in all samosas} are the best part. They come filled with slivers of fried onion and peas that have been toasted in plenty of masala.