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Check Out This New Restaurant On Church Street For Its Trendy Bar Feels And Its North Indian Menu

    Ashok Nagar, Bangalore


    A north Indian restaurant that looks like funky bar actually — we are very intrigued by Qissa Khawani on Church Street.

    From Lassis To Makhanis

    The restaurant is located in the same building as Brik Oven and the Indian Coffee House. As you enter, you will realise that the whole place is rather tiny and the open kitchen takes up quite the space, but the surrounding bar-like structure with tall stools and a long running table and decor made out of earthen lassi glasses, make this spot rather endearing. Funky industrial lights provide all the warmth and you can see big handis of food inside the kitchen and watch the cooks in action  as you settle into your ringside spot.

    The menu is small, simple and is written right outside the restaurant on a glass wall. Pick from parathas such as aloo, gobi, paneer, lachcha and aloo paneer. Or mop up dal makhani, paneer makhani and mutton yakhni with butter or garlic naans. Then there are kebabs too like the classic chicken tikka, chicken malai tikka, paneer tikka, Dahi Ke Sholay and the intriguing Broccoli Malai Tikka. For those who love their North Indian staples, try the rajma chawal or have the more heavier Mutton Pulav. Wash it all down with a glass of Meethi Kesari Lassi or even a kulhad chai.

    While right opposite this new restaurant is the super popular Queens, another north Indian joint, we are waiting to see how this restaurant is going to hold up to that lineage.

    Watch this space for more.

      Ashok Nagar, Bangalore