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Say Hi to your Neighbours with a New App

Neha posted on 8th September

Sometimes, we miss those simpler times when going down to our neighbours’ places with the excuse of wanting to borrow a bowl of sugar meant instead staying over for coffee and snacks. We would end up exchanging notes or ruminating on the state of affairs in our neighbourhoods.

Though visiting your neighbour might seem like a distant memory these days, a new app wants to put you back in touch with your community. Hey Neighbor Bangalore, an app built by the community-building website Scrollback, is a sort of online public square – but just for your neighbourhood.

The app, which has been up for a month now, allows you to chat with residents of a particular neighbourhood – say, Residency Road or Malleswaram. From practical queries such as where to find a plumber late at night to looking for gym buddies or carpooling requests, the possibilities for what you can do with the app are endless.

You needn’t be a resident of the neighbourhood to enter a chatroom; even if you find yourself in, say, New Thippasandra one night and you’re craving a cup of tea, the app is worth a shot.

The fun part is that the app isn’t limited to your screen; plans are often made to take things offline – such as when they organised a recent group trip to Nandi Hills. Or take the recent national bandh, when people offered up their vehicles for carpooling.

We’re looking forward to future updates of the app – we hope it gets less glitchy soon {a couple of times it hung on us} – but for now, we’re saying, “Hey!”.

Download the app or read more at the Facebook page.