Infinity Pools And Backwaters: This Themed Resort In Kerala Will Make You Never Want To Leave

Oyster Opera


A village resort that is sea-themed, the Oyster Opera is sanctuary in God’s Own Country. At the confluence of coast and backwaters, you’ve got to check in here to believe it.

Coast To Coast

Still slightly in awe of the concept, Oyster Opera is not just a cool resort on the coast of Kerala. The remarkable brain-child of GS Gul, these themed resort really is his efforts to uplift the fisher folk of the area to raise the socio-economic standards of the villagers. Thanks to that noble plan, we get to spend frivolous holidays in amazing cottages — either on trees or floating on the backwaters.

Water Wonderful World

Names after sea creatures, you can check into one of 10 huts that are made using locally sourced material, that too mostly natural. Pick from Oyster, Clam, Shrimp which are smack on the edge of the land. So whichever window you look out of, you’ll see beautiful waters. My personal favourite spot here is on the verandah of Crab — a bamboo-cane cottage that is perfect for a group of five-six to just unwind, with a glass of beer, of course. Throw in the sea breeze and the sunset, and it’s practically paradise. If you want to live in the trees, stay at Pearl Oyster, but be warned, it’s the only one with no sea view.

On The Shore

When you’re done {as if} gazing into the horizon, dive into the infinity pool. It’s almost like you’re in the backwaters, but in the safety of a pool, minus the brackish waters. But don’t get too comfy; there’s a mussle farm not too far from the resort, and it’s worth a gander. Then, wear your adventure hats and head of to cruise through the mangrove forests before trekking back to Monkey Island and Valiyaparamba Beach to laze around. This is the life, eh?

Oyster Opera