Check Yourself And Your Baggage In At The Bangalore Airport In 60 Seconds Now With Bag-Drop Kiosks

Aakanksha posted on 30 November

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With 16 self bag drop machines the latest feature at the Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore's domestic and international airport, you can now check in in under 60 seconds! Currently open to AirAsia and GoAir passengers only, the number of self-drop baggage kiosks is set to double, and more airlines will come under this facility soon, we hear. If you're the kind who is always rushing for a flight, and hates hanging out at the airport to check in, you can head to these kiosks, where you can first check your human self in, and get a boarding card. Once you've been accounted for, you have to go to the bag drop machine, scan your boarding card, and then you'll get the tag for your bag which will be weighed, measured, scanned and it'll make it's way to your aircraft for sorting.

So, from you entering the airport, to having checked in your bag and self, it should take all of one minute. But that's being exact, so we'll pitch it at five minutes, which is a huge difference from the usual of at least 20 minutes in those annoyingly snaking queues. Of course, getting to the airport is still a problem thanks to our terrible roads and worse traffic. Therefore, as thrilled as we are about the kiosks, we hope that they soon install teleportation kiosks to get there sooner!