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G&T, Vodka Spritz Or Moscow Mule: Mix Up Sepoy & Co. Any Way You Want It

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    What Makes It Awesome

    If you’ve picked Sepoy, then woohoo, you’re definitely cool enough because this tonic water is hipster not your usual mixer. A low–sugar botanical mix of oils, this one has multiple flavours to choose from. Starting out with the regular Indian Tonic Water that is mildly citric as it is sweet is perfect with any dry gin. I love how versatile the spiced grapefruit tonic water and the ginger ale are though. In fact, just drink it straight instead of as a mixer, and you’ll still love it.

    If that isn’t enough, and you really want your drink to be more sophisticated in name and nature, try the hibiscus tonic water. Fresh, slightly tart and finished with a splash of quinine for a bit of a bitter touch, pair it with Terai , the new kid on the Delhi block (it's available only in Delhi for now!), and you’ll be in for a good afternoon. For those of you who like elderflower as much as I do, try the Elderflower Tonic Water. Best with Hapusa, or good old Greater Than, in my opinion, it’s also a fine match for vodka, and reposado tequilas, the brand tells us. We’ll naturally oblige them and try. Bring on the Vodka Spritz!

    I highly recommend getting the taster set which has two each of Indian Tonic Water, Mint Tonic Water, Spiced Grapefruit Tonic Water, Original Ginger Ale as well as the Hibiscus and Elderflower options. All options are easily and conveniently on LBB, you’re welcome. 

      Available on LBB