Shake It Off In Jayanagar Does Red Velvet, Salted Caramel And Even Protein Shakes

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One of Jayanagar’s funky shake shops, Shake It Off does everything from regular milkshakes to decadent ones and even FroYo, lassi and hot chocolate. Plus, some health shakes too!

Who Is It For?

For milkshake enthusiasts, and also for those who want to drink healthy.

What’s The Ambience Like?

This is a tiny shop in Jayanagar with a colourful ambience. These guys serve their milkshakes in interesting serve ware such as bulb glasses, mason jars and milk bottles. 

Must Have

Shake It Off’s Guardians Of The Galaxy milkshake, which comes with Galaxy gems, Hersheys chocolate syrup, and ice cream. The Ferrero Rocher and the Nutella versions are good too. Interesting variations include Chocolate Paan, Red Velvet Cake, Salty Carrie {salted caramel, sea salt and ice cream}. 

How Was My Experience?

I order in their milkshakes rather than go to the store. The shakes are rich, creamy, and it is not so much a milkshake, as it is an ice cream shake. Like Keventers shakes but much cheaper. Very thick and hearty. Shake It off also does protein shakes, meaning for INR 80 extra they will add whey protein to any shake of your choice to give a nutritional boost {perfect for post workouts}. And for 100 bucks extra, they will go crazy with Nutella on your shakes. Don’t have 100 bucks to spare, then just get blueberries, raspberries or muesli added for INR 20 each.