Make Your House A Home With These Antique Décor And Collectibles Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Contemporary decor may add colour and panache to your house but these timeless pieces from Shambavi Shilpa are what bring class and character to your home. Shambavi Shilpa is an antique décor store that sells brass, bronze, copper, wood, stone and fibre statues and artefacts that make for great gifts and collectables. A lot of their collection includes statues of deities, mainly their range of Buddhas that bring with it serenity and calm. They also sell vintage clocks and timepieces, and if you’ve enviously desired that Harry Potter train station clock, you’re in luck.

If you’re looking for brass lamps and bells to add bold style, or even wooden and fibre artefacts for light undertones, this store houses every kind of décor for you. If you were brought up in (or love to visit) your ancestral home, this store will be a walk down memory lane. We’re sure all this sounds daunting for someone whose only toiletries are the ones with imprinted hotel logos, but fortunately, Shambavi Shilpa has a price range of INR 100 all the way up to INR 1,00,000 to accommodate just about anyone.


Shambavi Shilpa has another outlet in Arekere as well so if that’s easier commute do be sure to go there instead.