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Mason Jars At INR 70 At This Hidden Gem For Budget Homeware On Comm Street

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What Makes It Awesome

From soap dispensers to baking supplies, head to Shapes and Shades, a gifting and home store on Ibrahim Street. Perfect for setting up home on a budget or to find nifty little gifts, this year-round market is a budget goldmine. Set in a lit-up basement on Ibrahim Street, Shapes and Shades is a budget wonderland that sells every kind of home essential under the sun. If you think we’re exaggerating, we found everything from cookie cutters to hammers and nails at this hidden gem. From beauty and grooming essentials (we spotted beauty blenders here, guys!) to cookware and bakeware, they’re stocking up on quite the collection.

Some of their products we loved are the cutesy mason jars that start at just INR 70 and come in quirky shapes like lightbulbs or milk jugs, with polka-dotted or striped tops and straws to match. Their baking trays, silicon measuring cups and cookie cutters in adorable shapes like hearts and teddys were a hit with us too. Pick up home essentials like clocks, mirrors, bedsheets, kitchenware (spatulas, peelers, rolling pins, the works!), dusters and mops, soap dishes and dispensers, and even hardware tools like hammers, spanners and screwdrivers (we saw a Swiss army knife here as well), at very reasonable rates.

A great place to score fancy gifts, you can find stationery, hair accessories, pouches and bags, and colourful mugs that make for small gifts that’ll meet your Secret Santa budget. If you have a buddy that’s quite the cook (or culinary enthusiast, at least) you’re in luck as these guys have got everything from piping bags to chopping knives, starting at just INR 200. Want to throw your girl gang a spa day at home? Just stock up on their mani-pedi kits, brushes and scrubs from here. 

What Could Be Better

Expect to see cheaper knock-offs and duplicated products of bigger brands (this is a budget store after all). But we’ll let you be the judge of their quality. So head on down to Ibrahim Street and give all these budget goodies a browse.


If you really nose around, you’ll be able to uncover some hidden gems in their piles of things. To know more about their product line, enquire with them through LBB's Enquire Now feature.