Upcycled Furniture To Biodegradable Stationery: This Co-Working Space Is Green & Freelancer-Friendly!

    sadashiv nagar, Bangalore


    An eco-friendly co-working space, touted as the first in the city, is what Share Studio is all about. Plus, flexible desks and unlimited coffee, it’s a dream for freelancers and startups.

    Green Is Good

    A co-working space that ditches AC and sticky notes for energy-efficient fans and blackboards? Yes, please! Making supporters of sustainable living (and working) happy, Share Studio is apparently the city’s (and the country’s) first green co-working space. And it really is as green as it can get with all the furniture made from upcycled pine wood from furniture brand Ubyld. There’s also literal green in the form of indoor plants and air plants that ensure natural cooling. But hey, if you are breaking a sweat in the Bangalore heat, you are more than welcome to switch on the energy-efficient fans!

    We also love that the printing paper (and even napkins) are made from recycled paper. Oh, and did we tell you they ditch the usual sticky notes with upcycled pinewood slates for you to scribble, doodle or take down notes? They also hand out biodegradable pens that come with a seed of an Agastya plant. Once you are done using the pen, plant it and have your own houseplant!

    Co-working And More

    Quite spacious to begin with, Share Studio follows the co-working norm that’s seen in other co-working spaces in Bangalore. You have the option of choosing between flexible desks and dedicated hotspots. And if you are a team of more than three people, you can get yourself dedicated spaces as well. High-speed WiFi is a given, so is unlimited coffee and tea! If you are a freelancer working out of home usually but need a spot to focus on occasionally, they also offer day passes as well as hourly passes!

    You can check out their website here.

      sadashiv nagar, Bangalore