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Gosht Biryani, Paya Soup And Gurda Kaleji Fry: This Restaurant’s Muslim Delicacies Are Just Like Dadi Makes

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Recreating recipes from Muslim households from across India, Sharief Bhai, in Koramangala, is winning over food lovers with traditional eats like Gosht Biryani, Gurda Kaleji Fry, and Paya Soup.

What Makes It Awesome

Located close to JNC, Sharief Bhai joins a legion of food establishments that crowd the lanes here. The menu concentrates entirely on Muslim delicacies with the restaurant making its own spice mixes and relies on recipes that have been passed on through the generations. So, this is probably the closest you’ll come to eating homemade, Muslim food if you don’t have that generous friend that invites you over.

Start off your meal with the Paya soup – a hearty, vibrant broth that’s infused with spices and the meatiness of the lamb trotter. If you are a chicken fan, the creamy, mellow and slightly nutty Murg Marag will put a smile on your face. You can pair either of these with the excellent Gurda Kaleji Fry – chunks of kidney and liver tossed about in pepper. Or the thin slivers of Pathar Gosht – spiced lamb slow cooked on a stone. If you prefer crunch, try the Bheja Pakoda where a golden-brown exterior gives way to the buttery brain. Sharief Bhai’s menu offers small and large portions, we recommend that you order a few different small portions and make the most of the menu.

When you move on to the heavier stuff, choose the flaky parathas that pair wonderfully with the Cheeli Dal Gosht – a spicy curry made with peeled hyacinth beans. We also loved the Sheermal, a soft, milky bread that’s made in-house. We happily popped shreds of it in our mouth without even dipping it in curry. The Bangalore-style Gosht biryani that was rich and yet delicately spiced and the meat, a melt-in-the-mouth consistency. 

What Could Be Better

We were disappointed by the Cutt Ande Kofta curry, that included meatballs, an egg, and a chunk of potato, it was doused in spices that overpowered everything else.