Head To This Iconic Tea Stall For A Whopping 140 Varieties Of Tea

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Thippasandra’s Sharon Tea Stall proves the adage that India does run on chai.

What Makes It Awesome

At the beginning of the bustling Thippasandra market (right across the Bata showroom), lies a tiny tea stall that opens shop at 6am  and fuels the daily lives of nearly 500 people everyday. The buzzing tea stall, owned by A Daniel, serves about 140 different kinds of teas! Their most sought-after tea, according to Daniel, is the Ginger Elaichi variety.

The teas here can be paired with snacks such as a Nipatu, samosa or local varieties of cookies. Though coffee is also part of the menu, it's a far smaller menu (though we did spot pepper coffee, masala coffee, and even green coffee all between INR 10 and 20). With some truly unheard of flavours like banana, soya leaf, and guava leaf) some of their brews might not be our (or anyone's) cup of tea, we were baffled with everything from Kashmiri Kahwa to Oolong tea being available. Using everything from fruit, flowers, leaves, and spices, they take the phrase "Variety is the spice of life" very tea-riously!  But if you trust our judgement, then settle for what the tea stall does best, their regular supply of chai with ginger and other Indian spices or lime. 

You can choose to have the teas with or without milk, and they have floral infusions to which you can add honey, lemon, or ginger for an additional amount. It will take us possibly a month to try the sheer number of teas available at Sharon. While some versions are suspect, we are sticking to our favourites currently: the milky chai spiked up with Indian spices, and in the no-milk variety - Sharon's special tea with ginger and tulsi.

With Inputs from Raksha Hegde.


If you absolutely love their tea and want it everyday without battling it out to be heard at the stall, you can buy your favourite blend at one of the many Sharon's Tea Stalls in and around the Indiranagar area - Domlur, Cambridge Layout, Thippasandra