Call This Knitter Right Now And Order Yourself Tiger Caps, Comfy Footwarmers And Cat Scarves


She Who Knits by Madhu Mehra is who need to put on speed dial for all things knitted. The home-based brand does caps, foot warmers, booties, socks, and neckwarmers all handmade. 

What Makes It Awesome

If you are the sort of person who loves handmade gifting options, knitted presents are one such option. We give you She Who Knits, a home-based venture by Madhu Mehra, who does handmade knitted caps, foot warmers, booties for babies, socks, neck warmers, scarves, and shrugs. It's all Pinterest cute with colourful fabric and knitting designs. Take the range of caps for instance. You have got designs such as tigers, pandas, owls, foxes, pumpkins, and tomatoes. The animal ones also have extra design elements such as ears, nose, and even eyes knitted on to them. Very cute! 

Other wearables such as the colourful neckwarmers that sit snuggly around your neck, infinity scarves that are versatile to be even used as a head scarves, and fingerless gloves are what we are digging. Oh, lest we forget, baby booties -- these cute numbers will keep the little one's feet all warm and cosy! You get different sizes, colours, and they are heirloom-like. Prices for the products vary, but they start around INR 500 and you can place your order by dropping a message on the Facebook page.