Bready, Steady, Go! To This Baker For Sourdough Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, And Easter Eggs

Shelza Toots

What Makes It Awesome

Bread is a staple in all cultures and households (Google that, we’ll wait), and sourdough bread is the healthier, cooler cousin. If you’re looking for something outside of some of our favourite bakeries in town hit up Shelza (aka toots1812 on Instagram) for all things bready! 

Going beyond basics, Shelza’s sourdough is allowed to ferment overnight (Gluten-free folks, you can enjoy this at yeast!). They can be made fully with whole wheat, half and half (whole wheat and maida), or regular sourdough proportions. Costing between INR 120 and INR 150 (the latter containing seeds like nigella, poppy, caraway, and sunflower among others), she makes more exotic varieties with cranberry, caramelised onions, and chocolate too! Of course, if you’d like customised flavours (think bright beetroot and purple pea flower extract), she’ll happily make it for you. Just remember to order 48-72 hours in advance, as they’re all made to order.

Rise to any occasion with regular bread (sans oil, dairy, and fully whole wheat), desserts like jaggery cookies, macarons, banana walnut cake, and cinnamon rolls with cream cheese that sell like hot cakes! Come Easter, she makes cashew marzipan and classic chocolate eggs. Priced between INR 50 - INR 275 depending on the size and shell composition, order them before Easter (first week of April ideally), and earlier if in bulk.


You can order Easter Eggs WhatsApping 9590044891. You can pay via Paytm, Google Pay, or net banking. The eggs will be delivered by Dunzo.

Shelza Toots