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Have You Been To This Eerie Floating Church Yet?

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    The Rosary Church in Shettihalli is a gorgeous example of Gothic-style architecture. Head here to experience the sinister charm of the chapel, which is submerged during the monsoon!

    What Makes It Awesome

    If you're a horror movie buff or if you just want to witness a surreal sight in person, we suggest you pack your bags and head off to Hassan! Every monsoon, the sleepy hamlet of Shettihalli is flocked with tourists, both Indian and foreign. All this, just to see the eerie beauty of the Rosary Church!

    A fine example of Gothic architecture, the church is also known as 'The Floating Church' and 'The Submerged Church.' This is because the structure plays peek-a-boo when it rains, and during the summer. Even when the water level rises in the dam, the church gets lost in the underwater world. What's even scarier is the fact that the church was built about 150 years ago, and is abandoned to this day!

    To get to the church, you will have to go via a boat ride. The experience is going to be quite surreal - just imagine floating around a ruined church's arches! The best time to visit the place is between July and October, when the rains submerge the church. Unless you want to see the church in its full glory - in which case, you'll have to go in the summer!