Hattori Hanzo, Okonomiyaki And Asian Shophouse Vibes At This Whitefield Restaurant

Amrita posted on 16 May


Nothing makes me happier than a Pan-Asian restaurant opening in town. Especially one that is thick with Japanese dishes. And the menu goes beyond the usual Thai curries and sushi, with thick fluffy okonomiyakis, laksa style lotus stems, and Dan Dan Mian noodle bowls.

Chow Down

Penang Laksa Spiced Lotus Stem, Okonomiyaki, Thai Red curry, Gochujang Buri Bop, Hainanese Chicken Rice

Sip On

Hattori Hanzo, One Night In Bangkok

Winning For

That menu is really endless, I am telling you. The sheer number of choices that go beyond just your curries, sushi and dim sum, will boggle your mind, but in a good way. It might take you a good few visits to make your way through the entire menu. The menu also comes with helpful photos folks!

Lowdown On The Ambience

Though located inside Phoenix MarketCity, you will soon forget you are in a mall, because of the ceiling of Shizusan. A big part of the ceiling comprises the spreading leaves and branches of a tree {symbolising the tree of life}. There is a sushi bar inside with a rows of micro greens sitting on the bar, waiting to be plucked fresh and garnished on your dishes. There is an al fresco bar too {inspired by Kyoto jazz bars, we hear} where live jazz is going to happen soon.

Conceptualised and designed along the lines of an ancient 18th century Asian shophouse, where plenty of opium and tea dens were the norm, with the exit of colonists, some of these dens were transformed into budget eateries for comfort food. Bringing that vibe but in modern surroundings is Shizusan with a menu that covers Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Korea.

What's On The Menu?

I have actually made two trips to Shizusan already, and have tried a diverse range of dishes. The sushi {the selection is quite big}, sashimi, nigiri, dim sum, gyoza and bao are all good with safe as well as adventurous options, but the starter I gave my heart to was the Penang Laksa Spiced Lotus Stem. Crunchy lotus stem tossed in a sweet and spicy, coconut-ty paste; this was followed by the really succulent Japanese-style roasted Yuzu chicken.

The Osaka special Okonomiyaki, a fat, savoury pancake stuffed with shrimps, chicken, cabbage, pickled ginger and egg, and drizzled with okonomi sauce and kewpie {Japanese} mayo was an instant hit with us.

We tried the purple colour changing Hattori Hanzo cocktail, tequila, butterfly pea flower tea and lime, and loved it for its not-so cloyingly sweet flavours. The One Night In Bangkok, is a sweet and muddled tribute to Bangalore, with white rum, coconut, lime juice, lemongrass, kaffir lime.

For mains, there’s Laksa, Massaman, Rendang, and Thai curries to pick from. The Thai red curry here comes with the surprising flavours of pineapple and abamboo shoot along with the usual chicken and other ingredients, so do try it. The Gochujang Buri Bop, is a dramatic dish you need to try. Served in a traditional metal bowl, thin slivers of tenderloin are grilled against the hot sides of the bowl, and then the rice is mixed up with the Korean Gochujang sweet and hot chilli paste. If you are looking for something simpler, then try the Singaporean Hainanese Chicken Rice — poached chicken served on a bed of rice with a very fragrant and salty stock cum sauce, and fried onions. This one can be had by kids too!

So, We're Thinking...

Shizusan is not a budget experience, and I’d say reserve it for lunch or dinner for a big celebration or family scenes. But the diverse and big menu, the authentic ingredients and dishes, will make going here a worthwhile experience.

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