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Byadgi Chilli Or Salem Turmeric: This Brand Grinds Native Indian Spices To Order


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    What Makes It Awesome

    The concept of spice in India is truly as old as the existence of our country. Think of it as what tea is to England or wine is to France. We are both the largest producers and consumers of this blessing! You probably already know all of this but are you aware that your masala dabba is packed full of substandard product?, asks Yogeel Manwani, Founder of FreshGround, a Bengaluru based spice brand. 

    All packaged spices undergo centralised grinding and pass through so many hands before it reaches our kitchens, that what we end up with is as good as flavoured husk, he shares. FreshGround aims to change this. How? Using a patent-pending technology to revolutionise this traditional industry. Their machines grind spices in small batches (as small as 50gms) to eliminate adulteration, contamination and loss of flavour. Best part? They grind only on demand or when you place an order. If you live in Bengaluru, you can buy from their grinding van, actually see the grinding process and have your pack in minutes.  FreshGround presently has five native Indian spices, -- Kashmiri, Guntur and Bydagi Chilli, Erode Turmeric and Double Parrot Coriander.

    You can also order at 8762948789, opt for a fortnightly subscription or order via Amazon. Even if you order online, rest assured that what you receive has been ground and packaged only a few hours ago. All of the whole spices are sourced directly from their place of origin. Prices start at INR 49.


    FreshGround will be expanding their range of ground spices soon. Kudos to the thought put into the eco-friendly packaging. You can turnover their label to use it as a bookmark. 

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