Champion Clean Beauty: Order Non-Toxic Skin & Hair Care From These Online Brands!


    Now more than ever is when you should invest in self-care. Not that one ever needs reason but if you're looking for transformation and great results in the long run, buy products that nurture, care and protect! By which we mean clean and non-toxic, of course. To help you get on this new journey and make better decisions, here's a host of all-natural skin, hair and beauty brands that you can Shop On LBB! 

    Satliva Nature Nurtures

    Super nourishing face, body and hair creams, face and hair oils, lip balms, soap and shampoo bars is what Satliva is known for! And we know this how? Well, for one this awesome local brand is chemical-free and all-natural. All of their products use a base of cold pressed hemp seed oil with essential oils like argan and jojoba to ensure maximum skin/hair nourishment! Here's what we are recommending from the range: Rosemary and Mango Face Cream, Argan and Peppermint Hair Cream (can be used as a pre-shampoo massage or a post wash leave-in) and the Neroli Body Butter. Men, they have products for your beloved beards and 'staches too. 


    Skinish is what you would call an all-rounder type of brand. Skin troubles? Dandruff or even blackheads? There's enough and more all-natural, vegan and cruelty-free products that you can pick and choose from here. For instance, the Face O Clock Moisturiser is here to hydrate your skin after a day in the sun and restore that glow too! The Melony Face Oil on the other hand, is organic and hand pressed to help beat away dullness, spots or scars and improve texture of the skin. There's Coffee Hair Oil, Magical Face Masks, Under eye and Anti-aging Creams too. We love the vivid description of ingredients on each label!


    Organic is the word, when it comes to this Indian natural skincare brand. Aside from retailing some killer cleansers, toners, body butter and moisturisers, Silkberry also makes professional facial kits (exactly what we need!). These vegan products are specifically crafted keeping in mind age, skin colour and other factors that should always be taken into account. Try their Organic Activated Charcoal Powder made from 100% pure coconut shells (great for DIYs), African Black Soap made with top notch honey, camwood and cocoa pod from West Africa and the Organic Shea Butter extracted from the nut of African Shea Tree for dewy, plump looking skin. 

    Hydra By Ambika

    Natural, organic and handmade all the way, say hello to Hydra By Ambika and its skin, body and hair care range that you will fall in love with! Start with getting yourself the Rhassoul Body Wash for a spa-like experience at home. For great hair, get the Shea Butter Cream that doubles as a mask and conditioner. Hair serums, whipped body butters and hair oils are also available in plentiful mixtures and concoctions. If you're shopping for the kids, Hydra By Ambika also has a range of cleaners and head to toe oils for the little ones. Curated travel sets, facial kits and festive hampers are also up for grabs here.


    Are you a strong advocate of health and wellness? Then shop for Bioayurveda's skincare that propagates the same through its ayurvedic, organic and vegan face creams, packs and scrubs. We love that their range of sustainably formulated products also cater to all kinds of skin tones and Target specific problems. Like, for anti-aging the Kumkumadi Saffron Face Pack, or for anti-pigmentation, the Licorice Renewal Face Cream. Similarly, they have all-natural potions for sun protection and toning among others. 

    Laviche Bath Essentials

    Although Laviche may sound luxurious like those top-class commercial brands, mind you, they have none of the toxic chemicals! Their cruelty-free, natural skin, body and hair line has soaps, scrubs, face washes, body butters, hair serums and more. We suggest buying all their rose scented products which includes Rose Body Wash, Face Mist, Face Gel, Face Scrub, Face Wash, Hand Cream and Skin Polishing Gel to enjoy a complete regime and come out smelling as beautiful as a rose! Men, for you they have a Wolverine Beard Oil, and for the tiny tots, Unicorn and Donut shaped soaps for a playful bath time.

    Oriental Botanics

    Bringing together the age-old benefits of Ayurveda and reliable beauty expertise of the Orient, Oriental Botanics is a holistic skincare brand. We're talking about an endless collection of toners, face washes, mists, hair masks, lotions, serums and soaps. We are particularly loving the night gels from this brand and also the fact that most of their products make use of aloe vera and green tea (to soothe away any worry!). No artificial chemicals in sight again! Try their Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Cucumber Night Gel and if hairfall is a worry, the Red Onion Shampoo and Conditioner. The handcrafted soaps using goat milk, floral scents and oils are investment worthy as are the combos and kits!

    Nature's Tattva

    Shop for Nature's Tattva and you're well on your way to a chemical-free routine for life. First off, the brand is organic, yes! But what makes Nature's Tattva even more special is that it can customise any product to suit your skin type! All you have to do is purchase any one of their skincare products that are perfect for DIYs. Tea Tree Hydrosol, Hand Extracted Aloe Vera Gel or Natural Rose Water and make your own skincare product based on what works best for you! Red Sandal Powder, Vegan Kasturi Manjili, Pharma Grade Rose Clay are some of the products in their DIY range.

    Rustic Art

    Take care of your skin and the environment by purchasing your beauty essentials from Rustic Art on the regular. Why? Because they support a sustainable model of manufacturing any of their personal and home care products that are also all-natural and toxin free. Here you will find concentrated face washes, lip balms, moisturisers and soaps all cruelty-free and vegan. Our favourites bars the Organic Been Hand Wash, Coconut Nectar Baby Shampoo, and Aloe Vera Lemon Gel.