Fragrant, Fizzy & Fun: This Local Brand Is Making Organic Bath Bombs From Scratch!

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Tie It Up

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What Makes It Awesome

There was a point when our social media feeds were "bombarded" with alien looking balls aka Bath Bombs! And like the rest of you all, we went on a hunt to buy some too. Sadly, there weren't any Indie brands that made them (ordering from Lush was WAY out of the question) and we were forced to make our peace with that!

Fast-forward to now, and we've stumbled upon Tie It Up. The homegrown brand, started by a college student, Ansh hand makes organic bath bombs with food grade ingredients! It largely contains relaxing Epsom salts, food colouring and natural fragrances that will leave you, and your skin calm, yet fresh. There are 11 fragrances in all and we want to desperately try the Lemongrass, Vanilla, Peppermint and White Tea Bath Bombs. They have also introduced a Midnight Edition Black Bath Bombs with exquisite essentials that hydrates the skin. And might we add, the Instagram video on this pretty darn cool! 

Another factor that seals the deal for us with Tie It Up's Bath Bombs is that it's literally affordable luxury! All their bath bombs range between INR 200 to INR 300. For INR 300 you can also customise fragrance and colour and have initials imprinted on the bombs too! Whatte steal! Shop by Dm-ing Tie It Up on their Instagram. They ship across India, so no more overspending on bath bombs to have them reach you years later after they've made a trip over the seven seas!


Upcoming on their range of bath and body products are organic homemade face masks that you can use just by mixing in some H20. Keep an eye out!