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Think Again, Drink Again: These Dairy Drinks Ensure Whole Health In A Bottle!


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    Again Milkshake /Drinkable Yoghurt - Starter Pack with All 4 variants

    What Makes It Awesome

    So you're walking down the supermarket aisle (or scrolling online) and you spot the beverage section. You're instantly hit with the colas and sugar-filled fizz, then come drinks that guarantee protein, flavoured milks, and cold-pressed juices. While the latter sound good, you're still looking for something that's nutritious and covers every food group. Ah, tough luck! But, think Again. No, literally think Again Drinks.

    This Bengaluru beverage brand has concocted delicious drinks that are whole in nature. They cover food groups like dairy, protein, fiber minus any refined sugar, artificial colours or preserves. Cha ching! Again has two yoghurt-based and two milk drinks both low fat. If your mind is imagining lassi or milkshakes then wait till you hear the ingredients that these bevos pack.

    Love nuts? Get the Almonds Cashews Dates low fat milk. It is full of protein and calcium, Again also claims that this drink has five times more dry fruit than any other drink. Their Strawberry Chocolate Jaggery Milk is a yummy alternative to sugar loaded chocolate milk too. What we're interested in are the yoghurt drinkables, the Carrot Orange Banana and Alphonso Mango Honey. No concentrate here, it's actual fruits and veggies.

    Reviews from customers also tell us that these drinks are filling, and great to have in between meals. Great news for us since we'll be snacking on junk less!


    Again Drinks is also super affordable, each 200ml bottle is priced at INR 50. Presently, again is available offline in Bengaluru at all known hypermarkets, the likes of Nature's Basket, Metro Spar and Namdhari's. They are also available online, pan India on Amazon and Big Basket. To learn more about the brand, check out their official website.

      Featured Products

      Again Milkshake /Drinkable Yoghurt - Starter Pack with All 4 variants