From A Disc Injury To Fabulously Fit: This Yummy Mummy Lost 22 Kilos In Five Months!

Navya posted on 08 February


After putting on over 20 kilos postpartum, Simrun Chopra’s wake up call came when she saw her health and mobility slip away. But her never-say-die attitude saw her lose 22 kilos in a mere five months.

Mama Mia!

Originally for Kolkata, Simrun Chopra has lived in this city since 2001. She says that she started putting on the kilos after her wedding, like a lot of us tend to, and developed Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). During her subsequent pregnancy, Chopra also developed gestational diabetes. But when her bundle of joy arrived, in 2014, she threw all caution to the wind and began indulging in a calorie-rich diet. Chopra says that she put on a whopping 20 kilos after the birth of her child.

With the weight came unhealthy doses of fat shaming from friends {one called her a “beached whale”} and family. Chopra recalls how she was already struggling with low confidence and mood swings {common for women with PCOS} and the body shaming did nothing to help. However, things came to head when she simply collapsed one day, unable to move. She was diagnosed with a degenerated disc and because she was breastfeeding, painkillers couldn’t be subscribed. She spent the next few weeks crawling on fours.

Journey To Fitsville

After going through cycles of excruciating pain and periods of feeling only slightly better, Chopra decided to take the doctor’s advice seriously and work on improving her fitness. She approached Zainn Ovais, a highly-recommend personal trainer, and began her road to recovery. For the next few months, Ovais concentrated on improving her health and subscribed a mix of cardio and strength training. She would work out for an hour every day for six days a week and her regimen also included stretching exercises. When she wasn’t in the mood for a gym workout, she simply hit the local parks and tracks for a run or headed to JW Marriott for a swim {Pro Tip: The hotel offers daily passes for non-residents}. 

With this, Chopra also embraced healthy eating, She gave up on carbonated drinks, refined sugar, and oily food replacing them with wholesome meals and fruits. Chopra also relies on Happy Healthy Me for their Invincible Supergreens and Moringa powders. In four months, Chopra lost 22 kilos and was fighting fit. Today, Chopra is on the cusp of launching her own fitness outfit for young mommies {you can also reach out to her on Facebook} who are often made to feel guilty about prioritising their health. And to all of you fitness aspirants out there, Chopra recommends that you start small and make tiny changes that you can sustain for years to come.