Sisters In Sweat: This Growing, Tight Knit Community Of Gals Thrives In Fitness!

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What Makes It Awesome

Know what screams fierce and badass? A sorority of sisters that kick butt at everything they do. This was exactly the vibe we felt when we stumbled upon Sisters In Sweat -- a community exclusively for women, by women, stitched together by sport and wellness. Founders Swetha Subbiah (Performance Coach) and Tanvie Hans (Footballer & Coach) share that it was rather funny how SIS came into existence. In short, a couple of drinks with an insistent and interested friend led to an impromptu football game on the weekend. This one-off session had an unexpected turn out of 17 enthusiastic women and the rest as they say, was history. 

SIS began by conducting physical football training sessions in Bengaluru on the weekends with two levels one could sign up for -- Beginners and Intermediate. As the community grew they set up a website where one can register for free and become part of the family. With Covid-19 coming into play this year, SIS has rather seamlessly transitioned into online classes offering sessions on various sports and fitness. Currently, they host sessions and Q&As throughout the week on subjects like Pilates, High-Intensity Interval Training, Virtual Football and Dance. Best part? These are hosted by seasoned women professionals in the field. Go girl power!


What started out on a whim in 2017, today has organically grown into a sisterhood of 500 women who bond over more than just sport. In a way this community of women from diverse backgrounds (students, homemakers, working professionals) have found a home away from home and a happy escape from routine.