Shopping From This New Skincare Brand Begins With A Quiz & Personalised Options

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Suhi & Sego

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What Makes It Awesome

We all think we know our skin well, and make our routines based on our minimal knowledge. But honestly, we all only know that one issue - T-Zone. Literally all of us say that, or teenage acne (even at age 35!). So, I was most pleasantly surprised when Suhi & Sego, my new favourite skincare brand, had me start my shopping experience online, with a simple quiz (swipe the pictures to see!). It runs through your stress levels, sleep duration, basic issues and air condition of where you live, and super conveniently, once you’re done answering, they give you a host of options to easily shop. What makes it even better is you can just “Add All Products To Cart” as well! 

Inspired by most grandmothers’ “lifelong commitment to making her own natural products”, this brand is all about natural ingredients, modern formulas and personalising skincare because one product does not suit all! Currently, they have cleansers, toners, day + night creams and serums for those dark circles from binge-watching Netflix or staring at the screen too long. According to my quiz results, I needed to get myself some toner - which I did, and a cleanser because well, pollution. While the toner I have not used as regularly as I should, I absolutely love the cleanser. Not only did it moisturise the skin but as advised, you are meant to massage it into the skin a bit before washing. I did that, and continue to do so, and now it’s my favourite morning and evening ritual. It really does take the grime away without burning or bruising the skin. With Aloe Vera, Theobroma Cacao and Turmeric extracts, you can see why all mothers and grandmothers would approve. The toner and all other products too are packed with natural ingredients such as Ginseng, Licorice, Quinoa Seed extracts, avocado and carrot oil among others. Do not confuse these with products you can eat because of how good they smell! 

The toner and cleanser from Suhi & Sego are INR 599, while other products are upwards of INR 1,299.

Pro Tip

Making it easy for users, they also have simple and easy to understand instructions too. Not technical, intimidating and the kind that is perfect to be “Skincare For Dummys”. So really go through the instruction, and follow them well!