As most Bangaloreans can attest, Friday and Saturday nights can get pretty wild, leading to a rough time the next morning. Hangover cures can come in all forms, and the new sleep kit by lifestyle store Dhora allows you to sleep off your hangover while still looking like a million bucks. These simple kits, meant for ladies, come in a drawstring bag and contain a pair of satin or cotton boxer shorts and an eye mask. What we love is that the fabrics have gorgeous block prints, which isn’t surprising, as Dhora is based out of Jaipur. We’re loving this super cute way to wake up and feel just a wee bit better after the shenanigans of the previous night!

Where: You can order them online via their Facebook page here; they’ll also be avaliable on Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop soon.

Price: INR 1,200