Jayanagar Is Turning Out To Be The New Health Food Central And This Cafe Proves It

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Wow! What’s with Jayanagar and its spate of health cafes. First there was the Go Native cafe, and then there was Enerjuvate. And now SlimSins — Jayanagar’s newest cafe with a focus on healthy but delicious snacking.

Sin And Win

Located on 6th Main Road in the buzzing Jayanagar 4th Block, SlimSins is a cafe on the first floor that has you looking around in admiration as soon as you enter. What first catches your eye is an open kitchen plan where you can see all the culinary action. We suggest you head right out to the semi-open balcony area and get yourself a seat. This zone is straight out of Pinterest with lots of planters, darling little red kettles that also moonlight as cutlery holders, wooden tables and large, slatted teal windows. Inside, a wall mural cleverly incorporates some cool puns {you wanna Avo-cuddle?} is the eye catcher. See how many more you can spot!

Keeping It Healthy And Fun

As for the food, the cafe offers a healthier take on most dishes. So, they’ve got baked instead of fried chicken wings, which differ in flavour every day, ranging from Sriracha to teriyaki, and is served with a Greek yoghurt and feta cheese dip. You could also have the baked cottage cheese zucchini boat, which is like a pizza but substitutes the base with zucchini {perfect for keto dieters}. The burgers use ragi buns and the chips are baked. Nothing here is fried and minimal oil is used. We also tried their baked sweet potato fries served with three dips, which were moreish but rather spicy. To finish off, try their rather lovely chocolate mousse, made with coconut milk and honey, which makes it vegan. If you prefer drinks, then the Nutty Professor, a peanut butter and chocolate shake, is recommended. All the sauces are made in-house, the bread is made by a home baker and they keep the use of packaged foods to a minimum.

Every Sunday, SlimSins celebrates a cheat day breakfast called Sinful Sundays, where you can go all out, as a gift for the healthy eating during the week. Feast on a variety of egg dishes, or you can even have some desi khaana, including their take on poha or appams and stew.