Learn To Be A Potter At These Cool Classes In Indiranagar

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Slow Pottery

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Slow Pottery is all about teaching you the fine art of pottery. Don’t assume by the name, Slow Pottery will make you a clay expert quickly. And NO, you will NOT be taught how to be Harry Potter. 

What Makes It Awesome

If you’re looking to add some inspiration to your boring routine by learning a new skill, Slow Pottery will help you mould (see what we did there!) your life back. Situated on a silent lane in the otherwise bustling neighbourhood of Indiranagar, this pottery class is all sorts of artsy and creative. Sign up with Slow Pottery for three defined levels, starting from the basics, through intermediary leading up to the advanced level. Each level consists of 24 sessions, which will aim to make you an expert at making crockery and pots. 

What’s exciting is that, at the end of your course, your works are put on display and open for sale to the public at an Annual Pottery Exhibit. The classes start at INR 15,000 for each level including all equipment and a kit. We know that the rates are slightly on the higher side, but it never hurts to invest in a new skill. 


They can accommodate only four students in each session, so hurry and register quickly before the slots fill out.