Mum-Approved: You'll Eat And Snack Healthy Courtesy This Brand's Powders & Mixes

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Slurrp Farm

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What Makes It Awesome

If you want kids to snack healthy, then you got to check out Slurrp Farm and their range of organic and healthy food and snacks for kids. We are talking about breakfast cereals and powders, cookies, and mixes that use organic ingredients with interesting flavours. Think Banana Powder, Oats, Banana & Honey Cookies, Beetroot Millet Dosa, and cereals made with ragi, rice, and flavoured with fruits such as mangos and strawberries. 

But what we love about Slurrp Farm's products are that even though they have created it mainly for kids, even adults can use it too. We have used Slurrp Farm products on occasion (their millet pancakes are awesome) and they are quite flavourful and not heavy or sugar-laden like other store brought products. Their Cookies are our favourite snacks and these are made with wholewheat and include other natural ingredients such as oats, ragi, and fruits. If you can't believe such goodness tastes so great, then order some here on LBB and tell us about it (and how we were right!).