Turkish Eggs & Creme Brulee Doughnuts: It's Brekkie Time At 12th Main Indiranagar


    Sly Granny has just introduced its weekend breakfast club, where you can move away from big fry-ups to Turkish eggs, banana bread French toast and even buns and puffs inspired by our favourite Iyengar bakeries.

    Sharing Is Caring

    Before you listen to us and decide to head out to Sly Granny for their weekend breakfast, make sure you gather your squad and go in a gang. Because if you don’t order a bunch of brekkie dishes and share them, then you will be doing a disservice to the menu. Their breakfast menu is big, hearty and is meant to be shared.

    Advice done, now let’s look at the menu. the breakfast starts at 9am on weekends and continues till 1pm, which means you can saunter in at 11am and tuck into this as brunch too.

    First The Savoury

    We began our day with a strong cappuccino served with a biscotti and tried the Morning Buns — a muffin-meets-croissant filled with a cream and broccoli paste. The flaky creation was a hit with us, but we were waiting for the Eggs & Yoghurt, a take on classic Turkish Eggs {remember Nigella Lawson’s popular recipe of the same?}. The eggs came fried sunny side up instead of the usual poached, the yoghurt was flavoured with a hint of cumin and other spices {instead of the chilli garlic oil} and garnished with dill and green onions. Chunks of crusty bread were served to mop up the runny yellow yolk and the tangy yoghurt. This was by far our favourite dish, and the Eggs Benedict served on crumpets with crispy bacon were a close second. There was a simple and rather good potato puff {a nod to our masala puffs at Iyengar Bakery} along with kheema bun {the mince could have been more}.

    We also tried a cauliflower salad {good but the cauliflower bits could have been roasted till a bit more tender}, a pork chaat {this needed chunks of roast pork rather than being hidden in a cutlet} and a chicken liver bhel which was more of an acquired taste.

    Then The Sweet

    Don’t fill yourself up with all the savoury stuff, because the sweet entries in the menu are worth saving stomach space for. Do order the Cinnamon Pancakes, which are basically mini pancakes {a lot like our good old panniyarams} served with maple and caramel drizzle with just a hint of cinnamon and whipped cream. So good but so light! Then move onto the rich, chocolatey Nutella Babka {a Jewish chocolate bread} French Toast served with whipped cream and a fruit compote. The thick cut banana bread French toast {really cakey and sinful} gets a shout out from us too. But it is the sugar doughnut stuffed with gooey creme brulee that is sheer food porn. This is a must-have.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you are looking to do big, individual portions, then the size of servings might not do for you. These are mostly for sharing! The prices are competitive and on par with any other breakfast place on 12th Main, so we are not complaining. We would recommend this breakfast on those days when you have made it a point not to feel guilty about the 1,000 calories you will be shovelling into your mouth for brekkie. But there are also plenty of options that are not so calorific here.

    When: Saturdays and Sundays

    Timings: 9am to 1pm