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Sly Granny's Vibe Is Charming And Eccentric, Just Like Grandma's House

Amrita posted on 25 February


Sly Granny packs in easygoing starters, small plates with potent cocktails, along with kooky interiors. Granny would approve!

Chow Down

Grilled figs and goat cheese, S&S, Udon noodles with prawns, quinoa salad, walnut tart

Sip On

Chase & Status

Winning For

The eccentric and fun vibe of the place.

Lowdown On The Ambience

The decor and the vibe of the place is eccentric but we mean it in a good way. A well-travelled granny, who has stocked her house with all kinds of interesting knick knacks. Her interest in Arnold Schwarzenegger has led her to have a wall paper made with him and her other favourite — pineapples. The upstairs section is like a bar that also works as a co-working space if you feel like mixing work and play. Evenings are for the rooftop seating with twinkling lights. Don’t forget to check out the mad art that lines the stairways and also upstairs. This is Granny with a touch of Norma Bates.

What's On The Menu?

Thankfully the menu is not endless, though they have separate ones for lunch and dinner. Plus, drinks and bar bites for the upstairs section. We started off with grilled figs topped on a chunky bread slathered with lots of goat cheese. The sweet and salty, fresh flavours were great and worked well with the bread. The S&S is a heavier rendition with chorizo, tomato-infused butter, fried garlic and cheddar topped with pickled onions baked on a flatbread — tangy and spicy. The staff also made me an impromptu warm toddy with star anise cocktail because of a bad throat. The other cocktail tried and loved was the less sweet but potent Chase & Starter — Laphroiag whipped up with coconut fat washed scotch {coconut whiskey for the win}, ginger, honey, pomegranate syrup and lime

World On A Platter

For mains, we tried udon noodles tossed up with prawns, lemon butter, black pepper and chives. We gobbled up the prawns, and the heavyish udon went well with the light buttery sauce. We also munched on the moreish quinoa salad {almost like jhal mudi}, tossed with small bits of roasted potato, pickled beets, onions, almond flakes and peanuts. The Croque Monseuir, an open faced sandwich with mushroom ragu, mint chimichurri {tasted like a minty pesto}, tomato jam and lots of melted cheddar was rather heavy, especially since we had already tucked into two bread starters before. The walnut tart with bits of chocolate chips and a hint of cinnamon went well with vanilla ice cream and can be shared between two health conscious citizens. But you must.

So, We're Thinking...

We are checking out the upstairs section on our next trio and will report to you whether working out of a bar is possible here or not. Plus, the terrace seating looks so dreamy {cue 500 Days of Summer vibe}. We are coming back for a romantic date night.


Free wi-fi guys!

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