It's 4 'O' Clock And We Are Heading For Smokehouse Deli's Tea Time Trays

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore


    Smokehouse Deli has introduced a new teatime tray concept where you can drink your favourite cuppa with a combination of typical finger foods, all served in a tray of course.

    It's Tea 'O' Clock

    Available on weekdays between 4 and 7pm, these Tea Time Trays comprise fun combination of teas or coffee served with dainty sandwiches, cakes and muffins. Combinations include herbed balsamic smoked chicken sandwich + vanilla chocolate muffin + lemon tea, Darjeeling green tea with smoked tomato and brie sandwich and an apple crumble muffin or a grilled vegetable and tahina sandwich plus homemade cake. Now if only they listened to us and served some scones with clotted cream, Enid Blyton style!

    When: Monday to Friday, 4-7pm

    Price: INR 299 plus tax

      Indira Nagar, Bangalore