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Detox: Juice & Smoothie Bars To Recover From All That Festive Partying

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Ever wondered what the difference is between a smoothie and a juice? While a juice simply extracts liquid, a smoothie uses the whole fruit, meaning you’ll get all the good stuff, too! Think fibre and pulp, which means extra nutrients that’ll give you more than just complex sugars. If you’re looking to get fit and add a boost to your diet, up the health factor with our list of places to hit up for smoothies!


Aside from their great selection of teas, did you know Infinitea has a small but thoughtful selection of smoothies to pick from? They offer only seasonal fruits and veggies for maximum nutritional value — expect produce like beetroots, figs, kiwi and even bok choy to name a few ingredients! Add in a dose of matcha green tea powder to boost your metabolism. They even have a protein-heavy smoothie with egg whites and yoghurt in the mix.

Green Theory

Kiwi and strawberry, litchi and vanilla — Green Theory has some amazing smoothies that perfectly combine various fruits and flavours. We also want to try the more indulgent banana smoothies, that come either with Nutella or peanut butter. And their prices are super wallet-friendly, too!


We love Yogisthaan for their cafe and yoga classes, and their smoothies sound like perfect post-workout pick-me-ups! With amaranth, puffed rice and sesame, we think their signature smoothie is quite a unique one. Try their Banana Smoothie with blackberry honey if you want something more simple.

Bean Flickers

This restaurant is more than just a double entendre, with three lovely detox smoothies filled with yummy fruits and some veggies — try their Red which has beetroot, banana, strawberry among others or the Green, a mix of green apple, cucumber, pineapple, which was our favourite of the two. Not too sweet, but filling enough.

Carrots Restaurant

This vegan restaurant is our go-to for a dairy-free smoothie that’s absolutely packed with all the good stuff! Think papaya, spinach, pineapple and plenty more, all sweetened naturally with jaggery or dates!

Om Made Cafe

Om Made Cafe is definitely winning on the health front, with a selection of ten yummy smoothies to pick from! Try their exotic Mhau smoothie with chikoo, honey, banana and cinnamon or their Am smoothie made using apple and mango for something more simple. They even have a smoothie that manages to make chocolate healthy, adding in coconut and banana. Yum!

Smoke House Deli

We love that Smoke House has a selection of smoothies for both adult and kids, although their adult menu seems a lot healthier! Aside from fresh fruits like bananas, mangos and plums, they also add ingredients like brahmi and ashwagandha which are used in traditional ayurveda, giving their smoothies that extra healthy kick.

Fresh Pressery Cafe

Sure, there are only two smoothies on the menu but they’re so excellent you won’t be complaining about the lack of choice! We highly recommend the Cheeky Monkey that has a mix of banana, mint, spinach, dark chocolate, almonds, dates, Himalayan pink salt and a dash of vanilla! Sounds amazing, right? If that sounds too much for you, try out the Fit Protein Smoothie with whey protein, banana, flax seeds and plenty more good stuff!

Check out our love for the cute cafe in Koramangala.

Trick Or Treat

With ten wholesome smoothies on the menu, we think we’ll be spoilt for choice here. We’re big fans of anything kiwi-related and their Kiwi Power combination with fresh kiwis, pineapple and mint sounds just right! Try out their Key Lime Smoothie for something a little unusual, or The King if you’re in the mood for something sweet.

Drunken Monkey

Whether you are a gym rat or someone who just loves juices, Drunken Monkey juice bar will probably have something for you. Try their protein smoothies with quirky names like Popeye {an avocado and spinach smoothie}, Arabian Knight {dates and figs smoothie} and Thunder Bolt {black grape smoothie}. The fruits and veggie drinks are available in a whopping number of combinations with add ons such as nuts. We have also spotted interesting juices such as the Musk Melon and the Dragon Fruit one.


This Jayanagar health cafe has some fab smoothies and boosters to keep you going even after a hectic workout. Or to just fill you up when you don’t want a solid meal. The Green Lantern is a green tea and mint smoothie to keep you peppy, while The Minion is all about protein and slow-release bananas. The boosters include the What’s Up Doc? which naturally has carrots, in addition to spinach, celery, cucumbers and coriander, Almond Milk with cinnamon and Pen Pineapple Apple Pen — a blend of grapes and pineapples.