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Snuggle, Snuggle, Snuggle: This Mommy Cares For Your Baby's Sleep-Nursery Needs

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Supporting a baby's number one job role aka giving them the best environment to carry out their sleeping duties is Snuggly Spaces' sole mission. If their name hasn't given away too much already, know that everything they hand make is totally snuggle worthy, enough to make adults like us want to cosy up! 

    It all started when new mommy and then (when she began the brand 2018) new aunt, Arushi was desperate to set up a cute  nursery for her niece. Sadly, either the products/theme wasn't cohesive, quality wasn't great or the prints weren't great. What these problems had in common though was a business solution in Snuggly Spaces that Arushi began with her husband, a couple of in-house designers and artisans. 

    Straight up, Snuggly Spaces understands that a parent wants a whole lot of cute for their baby's crib. And so they create whimsical characters of their own that make it on to an entire collection. Which means Miss Bella The Unicorn, Hoggy The Hedgehog or Ollie The Train are part of a full Cot Bedding Set (fitted sheets, pillows, bolsters, mattress, bunting) or Cot Bumper Set. To complete the theme, you can also buy a Bamboo Cotton Muslin Essentials Set (swaddles, burps cloths, bibs, napkins, washcloths) to go with. All matchy-matchy! 

    Quality wise, it's all GOTS certified organic cotton. Arushi says it's as soft your babe's skin, so we'll leave it at that. Also on Snuggly Spaces range are cool Natural Grass Changing Baskets, Hand-woven Cane Laundry & Toy Basket, an all-weather Knitted Blanket and a signature, Snuggly Nest Co-sleeper.


    Snuggly Spaces also has proprietary features on their products fitted waterproof nest mats of  covers, foam mattresses, and mosquito net attachments. In all, guaranteed angelic slumber! Prices for a whole bedding set starts at INR 14,740. Individual pillows and other products start at INR 750.

      Available Online