Men, Wear These Solid Crew Neck Tees At Home Or For Any Gathering

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It's a no brainer that crew neck tees are a must-have in any man's wardrobe. Even if you own just a pair of upperwear, one could blindly assume that either, or both of the pair will be a crew neck t-shirt. Now why we love crew neck tees are because of their versatility and their comfort, especially the plain ones. You can wear a plain crew neck t-shirt at home, for casual hangouts below a jacket or even under a coat for a more semi-formal look. Not to forget even when you're about to snooze, there's nothing more comforting than a plain crew neck tee, the same one you'd been wearing at home and for the date with bae at a cafe. For a feels like home sense of comfort, buy these crew neck tees from LBB. 

Red Riding Hood

Men Crew Neck Half Sleeves Solid T-Shirt

Men Crew Neck Half Sleeves Solid T-Shirt


We were in love with these plain red crew neck tshirts from Trus Tee. Made with a cotton blend fabric, these have no design and are plain blood red, just the way you'd like them. What we loved about this is the fact that these are of regular length and are short sleeved, ideal to drive keep the heat away. 

Best Bottomwear For These: Blue Jeans

Pitted Green Olives

Men One Side Sleeve Zip Patch Detail Solid T-Shirt

Men One Side Sleeve Zip Patch Detail Solid T-Shirt


These green olive tees from Glito are what we love to wear from time to time. These cotton half-sleeve tshirts are opaque and are thin, good to expel any heat. Additionally, these have a side zipped pocket near the shoulders so that you can easily store your essentials like cash and cards without any fear of them falling off. Brownie points for a trendier design. 

Best Bottomwear For These: White Shorts

Mustard Fields

Men Basic Round Neck Solid Supima Cotton T-Shirt

Men Basic Round Neck Solid Supima Cotton T-Shirt


For days that are sunny, bright and warm, wear these yellow tees from CotLino. Made from 100% organic cotton and with the brand following a zero waste lifestyle, these tees are made to last. There's sizes upto 2XL and there is something for everyone. Basic sustainable tees at its finest, if clothes had a comfort food, it would be this. 

Best Bottomwear For These: Black Pants/Shorts

Grab Hold Of These

Men Short Sleeve Crew Neck Solid T-Shirt

Men Short Sleeve Crew Neck Solid T-Shirt


Trust us when we say these aren't just night suit material, these are ideal for your morning runs and even for casual wear. Who doesn't like a cotton blend grey neck tshirt from Grabin? These have a sporty aesthetic and ensure max comfort as you please. We loved to the multitude of uses these have and trust us, if vacay is nearing, these have to be in your luggage. 

Best Bottomwear For These: Track Pants/ Dark Blue Jeans


These are just for those of you who want it plain. However, if you prefer tees with a little dash of prints on them, check these out. However, if you are flexible but want a more diverse range of basic tees, check these out.