Relax And Take It Easy At This Ayurveda Spa Resort In The Tropical Forests Of Kerala


    Touted to be Asia’s first Ayurveda hospital, Somatheeram is a tropical garden resort that also just happens to be located on a beach!

    Soothing Vibes

    Oh, the woes of city life and the rat race to being rich and famous. If you’re looking for a serious break from it all, make sure to check into Somatheeram. Located just about 15 minutes from the {in}famous Kovalam beach in Trivandrum, the resort is spread across 15 acres of tropical forests. On the one hand is a lovely green hillock and on the other the Chowara beach. Sounds perfect, no?

    Rooms are traditional Kerala cottages with a little sit out on the front which opens onto the lush lawns. The cottages are quite well spaced so there’s enough privacy. If you’re checking into the hospital, then expect more rustic and rich decor with wood dominating. Plus, antique furniture. But, bring of spa times!

    Relax, Take It Easy

    While they do specialise on authentic treatments, from rejuvenation therapy and detoxification to stress management, anti-aging and even beauty care, you don’t necessarily have to take up a package here. Go just to relax, and then pick what sort of massage you’d like, even if it’s not medicinal — like the Abhyangam. Ah! So relaxing and soothing. Or even that elaborate Dhara one which will pour warm oil on your forehead.

    If you’re into yoga, then they have something for you too. With meditation and yoga classes you can sign up for, they’ve also got a 7-day yoga retreat that includes two yoga sessions daily, customised Ayurvedic treatments, a vegetarian diet and a few workshops. For those just looking to laze and lounge, dive straight into the swimming pool. And then, hit the beach, because when it’s in your backyard, why would you miss the opportunity!