Somilan Steak House Has Opened On Church Street With North East Specials

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Another day. Another new eatery on Church Street. But what perhaps sets apart Somilan Steak House from the usual Chinese, is the fact that they do a small but special selection of north eastern cuisine on their menu.

They do versions of fresh or smoked pork, which is low braised meat cooked with vegetables and Naga chillies and spices. You can opt for choices such as bamboo shoot or yam. The beef dishes here is also available in fresh or smoked versions with additions of yam, bamboo shoot, mushrooms or axone {fermented soya bean}.Don’t care about heavy duty red meats? Then go for their king fish cooked with seasonal veggies or bamboo shoot or Naga herbs. There’s also Naga daal with beans and steamed rice to complete the meal.

We also spotted Asian dishes borrowed from Singapore Thailand, and a Japanese Tenderloin teriyaki steak on the menu.