Teapots For Decor, Spicy Cocktails And Alcohol-Infused Bar Bites At Sotally Tober

Navya posted on 25 October


Their alcohol-laced food and spicy cocktails are a hit, as is the quirky and slightly eccentric decor. Sotally Tober is really quite the place to be in Koramangala.

Chow Down

#SoTo Corn on the Cob, Cheesy Samosa, #Soto Chilli Beef, Classic Beef Burger

Sip On

Sotally Spice, In-glish Summer

Winning For

Plenty of palate-pleasing, bar nibbles and wallet-friendly bar bounty that will leave you Sotally Tober.

Lowdown On The Ambience

SoTo makes a splash with colourful, paint-splattered walls. Bulbs in mason jars, pie tins and whisks, and tea pots hang from suspended ladders and branches, and provide the quirk element. The food is served in pie and cake tins and ramekins of various shapes and sizes. 

On The Menu

Signature dishes, at Sotally Tober, come with hints of alcohol. The #SoTo Corn on the Cob is a must try. The boiled corn is drizzled with vodka and a tongue-tickling spice mix that makes it a great choice for a nippy day. Also try the #Soto Chili Beef, where the meat is done to a fine crisp in whiskey and honey.

Our pick for the day, however, were the Cheesy Samosas with thin, crunchy exteriors {filo pastry rather than traditional samosa shell} filled with gooey cheese and tomato. The Pandi Chili Fry, done in Coorg style, lacked the pungent zest that we associate with the dish. The giant Classic Beef Burger, however, was a winner and was loved across the table for its juicy patty and extra dose of bacon.

Raising The Bar

A quick glance through the bar offerings and you’ll notice two things. One, the pricing of the tipple will cause you extra glee. And, two, the cocktails here have a generous dose of spices and herbs. The vodka-based Sotally Spice is a bright, red concoction {similar to the Bloody Mary} and it comes with a good hit of chilli that stings. In comparison, the In-glish Summer is a mellow drink that infuses the refreshing sweetness of pineapples with gin and a dash of chilli.

So, We're Thinking...

Just like the cupcake trend, we’d love to retire the gimmicky serve ware that seems to be the weapon of choice at most F&B establishments in the city these days. But Sotally Tober’s menu still hasn’t completely given in to this crazy, fusion theme. Some dishes still remain timeless, like the incredibly good Classic Beef Burger.

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