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    Shibori Dresses, Cotton Pants And Jumpsuits: Ladies, Up Your OOTD From Here


    From breezy cotton tops to shibori dresses (with pockets!), Soul By Sowmya's comfy and practical clothing is perfect for all you ladies looking to reinvent your look or get a wardrobe upgrade. 

    What Makes It Awesome

    In your wardrobe, you probably have that one dress or top that is so versatile, you find an excuse to wear it everywhere, be it work or with your friends. That's exactly the sort of collection that Soul By Sowmya has on their website. Each piece is stylish, with simple lines and clean cuts. No frills, all class.

    Started by Sowmya Raman in 2017, the brand sells handmade, ready-to-wear clothes that will make you stand out anywhere you go. Though the designs are Western silhouettes, Sowmya says they are designed especially for Indian bodies. Think chic flowing pants, beautifully cut tops and fluid asymmetric dresses to flaunt your curves! Our favourite find was a sleeveless jumpsuit that was made from bamboo and fabricated with cotton in such a way that it looked like linen. It even had pockets and a sash to add in some detail and drama!

    We loved the Wrap Around Pants too - these have a flat front waistband and elastic at the back for comfort (also useful for days when you go on biryani binges!). Sowmya's designs are aimed at mums with teenage daughters, who want to look fashionable (but don't want to shop from the same stores their daughters shop at!). The best part is that she works with weavers from Coimbatore and West Bengal to source the fabrics, and makes sure to pre-shrink and quality check each piece herself, so you will never have an issue with your order!


    If you want some specific changes in the clothes you're ordering, just let Sowmya know and she will get it done for you.

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