Your Mom, You and her Saree get Celebrated on @Soupgram

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An Instagram handle that celebrates sarees and ropes in your mommy too in weaving a beautiful story around it.

Saree speak

Calling themselves an arts and humanities website, Soup has a new project up its sleeve. On their Instagram handle @soupgram, they are inviting you, lovely ladies to share pictures of you wearing your mom’s sarees and hashtagging it as #inmymotherssari. And like us, if you zealously love and guard your mom’s or even grandmom’s sarees {that you have inherited}, then do show off these beauties through Soup’s Instagram account. And don’t forget to share your stories associated with your mother’s saree.

We love how creative some of the submissions are. For instance, Ram Subramaniam, Director at Handloom Picture Company, who comes from a family of handloom weavers, proudly shows off a photo of his tattoo, a design taken from his mother’s saree which she wore on her wedding day. Or Neepa Seth, a homemaker, who proudly wears a 26-year-old Kanjeevaram silk saree, passed down to her from her mother as part of her wedding trousseau.

Email with your name, age and the story of your mother’s saree along with a photo

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