Bread Bingers! This Weekly Subscription Service Delivers Homemade Sourdough To Your Doorstep


On a mission to get Bangalore to eat healthier, Selvan Thandapani’s Sour House is offering bread lovers the chance to sink their teeth into fresh loaves of sourdough, every week.

Your Daily Bread

A little over a month old, Sour House is the ‘bread’child of Selvan Thandapani. His passion for experimenting with natural fermentation and poring over its many benefits lead to Sour House – a weekly subscription service that offers freshly baked sourdough to customers. Thandapani says that this venture is the first step in encouraging Bangaloreans to bring back healthy eating. Probiotic drinks and fermented veggies are also in the offing.

For now, Sour House specialises in two varieties of sourdough. You can choose between 70 per cent Whole Wheat Bread and another version that has 30 per cent whole wheat in it. Once you have made a choice between these, you can also pick between 14 and 36 hour fermentations. Selvan insists that the longer the bread is fermented, the better it is for your body and it also has a say in how sour your dough gets.

Turn Sour

We tried the 70 per cent whole wheat bread with the 36-hour fermentation and our tummies sang with glee. We paired slices of it with blobs of butter, a sprinkling of sea salt and pepper, and even chorizo. And we didn’t go wrong with any combinations. However, it is best if you consume quickly so that it doesn’t harden. The bread parcel also comes with instructions on how to store the bread and we recommend you follow them. To ensure that you get the best quality, Thanbapani sources his ingredients from Buffalo Back

To get your weekly loaf, you can contact Thandapani on WhatsApp or give him a call. He’ll send you an online order form which you’ll have to fill up by Tuesday. He then bakes the loaves over Thursday and Friday and delivers them by Saturday. Since he’s a one-man-team, Thandapani can currently churn out 60 – 70 loaves per week. And he delivers to Koramangala, HSR, Belandur, Whitefield and Cooke Town {a small delivery charge may apply for some of the neighbourhoods}. Prices for each loaf ranges between INR 180 and 200.