Looking To Get Fit And Know Your City? Then Check Out The Sparrowz App's Treasure Hunts

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If you’re looking to explore parts of Bangalore over the weekend while getting a light workout done along the way, try out one of Sparrowz app’s treasure hunts!

On The Hunt

Happening all across Bangalore, from Cubbon Park to Malleswaram, the Sparrowz app has created a couple of treasure hunts to help get you moving and exploring the city! The idea is that you go from place to place, and to find your next clue, you’ll have to solve a puzzle, answer a question or even post a selfie — and everything is coordinated on the app, so you can finish it at your own pace. And you’ll be moving around so much, and learning all the little quirks Bangalore has to offer, that you probably won’t even realise you’ve covered nearly 4 kilometres. Pretty neat, don’t you think?

Catch Me If You Can

Each treasure hunt accommodates a group of four, so this is the perfect fun activity to do with some good friends or family! It’s also kid friendly, so it’s great for families looking to spend time together. If you’re larger than a group of four, you can even split up and make things a little more competitive by doing side-by-side hunts. Additionally, if you’re planning a birthday party, Sparrowz can do a customised treasure hunt for you. Check out their food hunt or temple trail if you’re looking to make things exciting {and potentially tasty}!

Download the Sparrowz app here.


It’s also a great way to get to know people, so even if you can’t find anyone to go with you, Sparrowz will connect you to other individuals.